Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies in the Humanities

Global and Area Studies

The course introduces students to a range of commonly used digital technologies e.g. Agile, FAIR data lifecycle management, explainable AI (XAI), Human-In-The-Loop, World Wide Web, file systems and databases and explore professional opportunities and challenges in the use of the specific technology.

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CT (Computational Thinking) Code Camps

The purpose of CT Code Camps is to enable students to enrich their subject-matter knowledge with digital tools and computational technologies. The main focus will be to understand how to convert real-world problems into computational problems. The skills learned from coding will then provide ways to solve those problems.

This courses is aimed at people who want to build a solid foundation in learning how to solve complex problems.

The course deals with being able to take real world problems, convert them into smaller problems and use the power of computers to solve those problems.

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