The movement towards open science (e.g. related to Horizon Europe) points to a comprehensive solution with a general setup where data management and data science are handled together. Arts RDMS Operational Board (ARDMS) is a collaboration between AU Library and Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University (Center for Humanities Computing) on Research Data Management and Storage (RDMS).


  • To ensure Arts’ involvement in the Open Science initiative and data management in general at Aarhus University and a smooth process for solving specific research challenges within data management across the faculty.
  • Coordination of the implementation and roll-out of ERDA/SIF at Arts

The Arts RDMS Operational Board (ARDMS) consists of Arts Data Managers (Stewards), infrastructure representatives from Center for Humanities Computing and AU-IT, an AU Library representative, the Advisor for legal matters at Arts, and the Deans Office Advisor for research and talent development.

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