Databases and web-development

CMS and Full Text Search Database

If your project need a database for organizing your data and to make the data available online Center for Humanities Computing can help you from the initial design of the database schema to the final online website presenting your data in a nice and intuitive design fitting your specific project needs.

Our standard setup includes:

  • A graphical user interface for managing the content of the database and the possibility of different user roles
  • A RESTFul webservice for programmatically accesing data
  • A full-text search engine accesible using the RESTFul API making it possible to query the database including stemming, highlighting, faceting, filtering, geospatial queries and document-to-text extraction.

For each project a custom frontend user interface can be developed by our experienced web-team making your data available to the world with the design and features fitting your particular project.

Our database solutions is build using the following technologies:

  • Strapi CMS
  • Elastic Search
  • MySQL
  • Vue/Nuxt

General Web Development

Center for Humanities Computing can also assist you with your project if you need help with smaller web-development tasks that don't require a database and CMS setup as described above. Do you e.g. need a tool with a web-based user interface or an interactive world-map, we are happy to help.

If you need a more traditional website for your research project, we kindly direct you to your local AU Websupport for help with the design and setup of the website.


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Services and Support

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