Computing Infrastructure

CHC provides access to and maintenance of several computing infrastructures. We can support your application for infrastructure grants and computing resources from Aarhus University or DeiC, but CHC will not cover the cost of hardware or cloud computing. 

Platform-as-a-Service on DeiC Interactive HPC

Interactive HPC is the Danish interactive high performance computing platform provided by DeIC. Interactive HPC provides an interactive digital research environment with a large app store (ex. Jupyter, RStudio, VS Code, Matlab, Voyant). The environment is built to support the needs of researchers for both computing and data management, throughout all the data life cycle.

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Software-as-a-Service in Azure

Azure is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft for application management via Microsoft-managed data centers. Azure is the cloud environment provided by AU-IT and is therefore pay-as-you-go according to AU's service agreement with Azure. Azure will often be the recommended option for applications that do not fit in UCloud. CHC can provide support for the Azure cloud computing platform.

Server Management and support for specialized IT infrastructure

We provide procurement, management and support for on-premise servers at Aarhus University, GPU servers for machine learning, or alternative cloud services. Examples are application development that require specialized hardware (ex. GPU-accelerated computing) or data that have location-specific restrictions (ex. GDPR requirements for personal data).

Services and Support

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