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Classical Influences and Irish Culture (CLIC)

Ireland’s complex (post)colonial history has been highly visible recently, owing to the difficulties regarding the Irish border that have arisen in connection with Brexit, even as the Republic of Ireland commemorates 100 years since its struggle for independence.

This project will analyse Irish political history through a new lens, demonstrating how models from Greece and Rome have repeatedly served as a conduit for political expression in Irish culture. Ireland’s vibrant tradition of classical learning dates back to its earliest recorded literature, and is unique among postcolonial nations.

This project will shed new light on the role of classical influences in shaping Irish discourses of language politics, of warfare, of migration, of political satire, of non-sectarian philosophy, of gender, and of material culture, with case studies ranging from the medieval period to the present day. Moreover, the global impact of Irish classicism on postcolonial literature from Latin America, the Middle East and the Maghreb will highlight the broader international relevance of classical reception in Ireland.

The role of Center for Humanities Computing

CHC has developed an online database of references to classical allusions in Irish literature under the auspices of the CLIC project. The database aims to record published translations, adaptations, and literary works inspired by classical sources in both English and Irish languages. It provides references to mythological figures, historical figures, and classical locations mentioned in those works, along with relevant selected bibliography. Database content is being regularly expanded and updated, with current sample data available for browsing.

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CLIC is funded by an ERC ”Consolidator Grant" of EUR 1,888,592.

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