Measuring Literary Quality - Proxies and Perspectives

CHC's Pascale Feldkamp will be attending the 3rd Annual Conference of Computational Literary Studies (CCLS) in Vienna on June 13-14th where she will present a paper "Measuring Literary Quality Proxies and Perspectives" on forms of reader appreciation in the literary field - a joint effort from the Fabula-NET group, also including Yuri Bizzoni, Ida Marie S. Lassen and Kristoffer Nielbo from CHC and Mads Rosendahl Thomsen from Comparative Literature.

The research explores various "proxies of literary quality judgements" in a corpus of 19th and 20th century novels, comparing expert-based judgments (e.g., college syllabi) with crowd-based ratings (e.g., GoodReads). 
Findings highlight distinct perceptions of literary quality between canonical and popular literature, with genre-specific awards also appearing to represent a unique and less related type of reader appreciation.

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