Golden Imprints

Golden Imprints of Danish Cultural Heritage - A Multi-Modal Foundation Model for Temporal Reconstructions of the Danish Golden Age

This research project aims to illuminate the Danish Golden Age through an extensive examination of historical materials and news streams from that era. By combining artificial intelligence and information theory, the research team endeavors to challenge and potentially redefine our conventional understanding of the Golden Age. 

To accomplish this, the researchers will utilize existing digital cultural heritage resources, comprising textual and visual materials spanning the period from 1750 to 1930, which have been meticulously compiled into one comprehensive corpus. 

This innovative approach draws inspiration from methodologies applied in the study of COVID-19 and news streams. During the Golden Age, news flows within the public sphere were established and began to play a pivotal role in shaping public discourse. The project seeks to unravel the nature of these news flows and assess their alignment with the established narrative of the Golden Age. 
Beyond revisiting the history of 19th-century Denmark, the project has broader ambitions: it strives to influence research methodologies employed in the exploration of other historical epochs and geographic regions. 

Role of Center for Humanities Computing  

Center for Humanities Computing has brought forth its expertise in effectively navigating through vast collections of historical texts, developing specialized machine learning models, and providing high-performance computing infrastructure for data-intensive research projects.  

Creating an artificial intelligence 

Center for Humanities Computing will train AI language and image models and developing algorithms for change detection and description with the capability to analyze language and image patterns collectively, recognize trends, and provide insights into the nuances of the Golden Age and beyond.   

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The project is supported by the AUFF NOVA Foundation with DKK 2,474,500

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