UCloud is an interactive digital research environment built to support the needs of researchers for both computing and data management making complex digital technology accessible to all users.

Like having your own super computer

UCloud provides interactive computing resources and easy access for new HPC users. UCloud works just like your personal computer just with a much larger capacity. As it's cloud-based you'll be able to access UCloud and its vast computing power from your tablet, laptop or desktop, and because it's interactive you are able to interact (adjust/correct) with your script, code etc. at any point in time just like on your personal computer.

Who can use UCloud?

UCloud is available to all students and researchers affiliated with any of the Danish universities. UCloud is well suited for both experienced users and users with limited HPC experience, and as students' first encounter with HPC systems.

All Aarhus University researchers have 1000 credits in UCloud as a login bonus. Further resource allocation requires researchers to follow the AU's HPC or DeiC's resource allocation procedures.

Front and Back Office Support

Researchers from the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University receive advanced support in Interactive HPC via UCloud. CHC handles back office tasks via our ticket system. For Front Office Support, contact the AU Front Office. If you are affiliated with another university, please find your local front office here.

Data handling and security of UCloud

DeiC Interactive HPC is provided via the the UCloud platform which is located in Denmark and run by Danish universities. UCloud is GDPR Compliant and Approved for Personal Data at Aarhus University. Aarhus University has a framework data processing agreement with UCloud that allows you to store and process sensitive data in UCloud. This means that as a researcher at Aarhus University you can use UCloud for personal data (confidential and sensitive)

The following are the minimum requirements for all services used for personal data:

  • When using UCloud the researcher must make a risk assessment of the specific data (GDPR requirement).
  • In addition, UCloud’s terms and conditions must be accepted and thereby also UCloud’s terms of use and data processing terms for the specific project. This happens when you use UCloud for the first time. Pressing “I agree/accept/etc.” in UCloud is the equivalent of signing an agreement for use of service. Signatories of Aarhus University are the Heads of Department, and it is therefore necessary that the researcher, prior to accepting anything on the website, is given the approval and mandate by its Head of Department to accept the terms and conditions for the data in question.

If the researcher – based on the risk assessment of the specific data – deems that additional instructions are to be provided to SDU, the researcher must ensure that the additional instructions are given to SDU in compliance with the process of paragraph 5.2.1 of Data Processing and Security Terms.

CHC and the DeiC Interactive HPC consortium

Center for Humanities Computing (CHC) represents Aarhus University in the DeiC Interactive HPC Consortium that operates UCloud. The other members of the consortium are the eScience Center (SDU) and CLAAUDIA (Aalborg University). UCloud's computing resources are located at SDU and Aalborg University while Aarhus University (CHC) is responsible for the advanced services offered to researchers using UCloud and the administration of interactivehpc.dk - a digital resource for DeiC Interactive HPC front offices.

The Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC) coordinates Danish digital infrastructure as an umbrella for the eight Danish universities to ensure delivery of computing, storage and network infrastructure to Danish research, teaching and innovation.

Center for Humanities Computing contributors

Back Office Support

AU Back Office takes care of technical issues related to Interactive HPC / UCloud

Front Office Support

AU Front Office takes care of administrative and project related questions and issues related to Interactive HPC / UCloud